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The Sufi (mystical) message of healing has many dimensions. We are called to convey the hidden beauty of the Islamic tradition in order to facilitate personal and spiritual growth, healing in times of need, and guidance in creating a life of purpose, meaning, well being and happiness.

We promise to guide you with dedicated assistance at all the stages of life, helping to bring depth and meaning to the Muhammadan tradition.

We offer group classes, individual study, spiritual advising, and we can help you create personalized, meaningful life-cycle events for yourselves.

We welcome people of all faiths and traditions in our practice.

Note: This service is made available for the serious minded only.

***Confidentiality is assured and your information will not be shared.

To contact us, mail your personal request to:

Nation of Islam, Tucson Study Group


Supreme Minister, Warren Muen

P.O. Box 5282
Tucson, Arizona 85705

or, call:
Telephone: (520) 347-3656 (leave message)

or, send by email to:
Email Address:

or, submitt your request by using the contact form below:


Sufi Master Teacher, Supreme Minister, Warren Muen teaches the beauty of the mystical aspects of the time honored Islamic traditions, helps to guide one through all their life-cycle events, and provides spiritual guidance from inside the tradition for enhancing all aspects of life.

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