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The Naion of Islam was established by Master Fard Muhammad to: (1) To get Afro-Americans to get out of poverty and live a good life with the understanding of Allah (God), as the foundation for all blessings of material & spirtual things that can be obtained in life!! (2) To combat white supremacy by any means necessary!! (3) To do for self & kind (Afro-Americans), protect self & kind (Afro-Americans), and to love self & kind (Afro-Americans)!!

Homosexuality and Islam; Does Allah (God) Allow such?

Of course the answer is NO!!!

Homosexuals and homosexuality aren't allowed in Islam, Period!!! This kind of behavior 
Allah (God) Hates!!! Quran (7:80-84)

"We Must Have Some Earth And Soon!"

Lately, in the media there is attention being given to the idea that Donald Trump may be removed from office due to mental illness and mental instability, and it is very possible that he will be. However, we should keep in mind that behind Donald Trump there exist a larger racist, white supremacist "machine" that will remain in place, inspite of the removal of Trump from office. Also, we know that whoever might replace Trump as president may very well be different in personality but will no less sinister in continuing the same racist, white supremacist agenda, that has been ushered in by Donald Trump; that agenda being the total resurgence of an "openly" white supremacist, mainstream America, much resembling the America of the slavery and Jim Crow eras of the past. This is the future of America, no matter who is in the White House. And, as they say, "the worst is yet to come" for Afro-Americans at the hands of white supremacy in America. I suggest that the time is ripe for Afro-Americans to set in motion a plan of acition for self-determination for our people (Afro-Americans), the same as white Americans have done for themselves. It is high time that Afro-Americans establish our own Educational Institutions, Industries, Manufacturing, Job Production, Food/Agricultue Production, Health Care, etc., etc., free from the hand of the racist, white supremacy that we find ourselves subjected to today. I suggest the Nation of Islam as a "base of operation" for carrying out that self determination for our people.

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