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                                                 THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD 

SUPREME MINISTER WARREN MUEN      Minister M. Omar Rasul                                                                                                                                 We Teach From Allah's (God's) Holy Book Of Guidance
Never Forgive! Never Forget!


By Supreme Minister Warren Muen, Nation of Islam


"My beloved Afro-American Brothers & Sisters, I am going to explain to you very briefly about the twin (dual) Satans that affects your minds. The first Satan is an invisible entity which Allah (God) allowed to roam freely after the creation of the physical universe. It's in spirit form. The second Satan is the physically manifested form which comes in the racial dress of the white man! The invisable satanic entity disturbs the mind through its power to enter it. Once inside the mind it sets a deep anchor of evil seed that sprouts into complete chaos with ill will to seek and devour whomever is in its way. By Afro-Americans not having the knowledge to combat this powerful invisible entity, they (Afro-Americans) turn on one another in the cruelist of manners. The second Satan - the white man, is very familiar with the first Satan, as this is whom he takes his directives (orders) from. The invisible Satan directs the physical Satan (white man) to completely destroy the Black Nation of People (Afro-Americans) by which ever way he can. This mostly comes through phoney friendships that the white man has come up with to get close to Afrro-Americans so they may drop their physical and spiritual guards down lower than what it already is, and then the attack, both physical and spirtual can begin. Isn't this what the KKK and other white supremacist groups have done? All to get the Blackman/Black Woman (Afro-Americans) to be embodied with fear from head to toe. My beautiful Black Brothers and Sisters have asked me this question many times over; why would Allah (God) allow such to happen to Afro-Americans - slavery, lynching, rapes, etc, etc. First of all Allah (God) has never allowed any such thing to happen to Afro-Americans. It was Afro-Americans who allowed it to happen. (1) when Afro-Americans were in their own homeland which was called Alkebulan ("Land of the Blacks"), a disunity broke out amongst "us", all was well until the invisible Satan entered the minds set of our own chieftans ("tribal Leaders"), when one makes a deal with the devil whether ("invisible or visible") for the purpose of material gain, the person(s) don't understand that the back door is left open for Satan's agreement with Allah(God), to allow another race of people of the anglo persuasion to come in and rule the Black Nation. Now, can you see the picture a lot clearer?? So, my Beautiful Afro-American Brothers and Sisters, lets not bring harm to ourselves by harming one another physically, selling drugs, watching and participating in pornographic situations; as well as drinking of liquors (alcohol), and lastly, by not over-eating. When the Prophet Moses said don't eat the pig as it's a low filthy animal (first meaning) so is the person who is a glutton called a pig (second meaning). So never listen to Satan; If you do he'll have you doing the unimaginable!!! To learn more start attending the Tucson Nation of Islam Study Meetings which are conducted by my Student Minister, M. Omar Rasul. Until we meet again.... Note: Allah (God) wants us Muslims to treat all people with respect, regardless of their race, creed or color.



By Supreme Minister Warren Muen 


"Afro-Americans have white souls". I asked Supreme Minister Warren what he meant by that statement, he responded that "there are a number of 'levels' to the meaning of this statement, but I'll give you the lower 1st level meaning first". Below I want to share with you the answer he gave me:

(Supreme Minister Warren Muen): "Satan knows that if [he] takes Afro-Americans away from their - Black Islamic culture they will never be the same! And can't enter paradise! Re-read the Willie Lynch syndrome [Letter]. Plus, Satan knows that to cause confusion among us Afro-Americans is to divide us by skin complexion and hair texture, etc. This caused hate of self amongst Afro-Americans, and [caused many of us] to want to gravitate toward being white!! [In] other words white supremacy over Black -- just [the way] Satan designed it [this world]. In truth it's Black [people whoe are] supreme and white [people] inferior. But Afro-Americans fell for Satan's tricks and lies. I had [a group of] some Afro-Americans ask me why does the whiteman hate Black people so much? Answer: I told them to go look in the mirror [for the answer] and tell me what you see? Some came back and told me it was hard for them to look at themselves; others told me that they wished they were more light skinned, while others were scared to look into the mirror [at all]. So, I gave them the answer on the lower 1st level. I told them that anytime you carry around the whiteman's (Satan's) thoughts of yourselves then you're that!! Which means, Satan (white) is superior [in your mind], and Black (Afro-American) is inferior -- correct? This means afro-Americans have white souls!! Correct? But... there is a remedy for this and that is through the Nation of Islam, to bring Afro-Americans knowledge of themselves so that they can become gods (small "g") of themselves and their families, and the Black Nation, understand? Then the Big "G" Allah (God) will be pleased with us."